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Working with John has made such a difference for me! His gentle and knowledgeable approach put me at ease right away. John is kind, caring and listens with a profoundly compassionate presence. Our hypnotherapy sessions, although a little bit different in focus each time, dove deep and helped to dislodge fears and unresolved struggles I've had for years. Through my experience with Utter Hypnotherapy, I have seen dramatic improvements in my anxiety and stress levels, in my IBS symptoms, and in my relationship with myself. I would highly recommend this safe and versatile form of therapy to everyone!
Morganne Tayler ZabekMorganne Tayler Zabek
17:11 19 Sep 22
John is really quick and gentle. I never feel pressured. He holds a great space for personal growth and healing.With John's help, I was able to get at and resolve issues I didn't even know were related to my current life experiences. Since then I've felt a profound peace and contentment I've never felt before.I give my highest recommendation for John.
Aya CanyarriAya Canyarri
20:38 29 Jun 22
John did an amazing job. During our hypnosis sessions he was empathic, kind, and thoughtful.He thought it would be in my best interest :(our sessions were about how to further develop medical intuition, animal communication and bringing psychic abilities to ta place where they are clear and eliminating some health issues),to include some coaching as well and provided great information.His kindness and desire for his clients' to get the best out of life is evident in everything he does.I thank you John. So do my clients and wild horses!
Norena McMeelNorena McMeel
19:31 27 Jun 22
Hypnosis with John is like a sigh of relief from my anxiety. After our sessions, I feel more relaxed, confident, and clear headed. Before my sessions, I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and as if the world was out to get me. I will be coming back.
Lynette ChartersLynette Charters
00:39 31 May 22
I'd read studies that found the most effective treatment for IBS was hypnosis. I approached John as a self confessed skeptic of hypnosis, but over two years of LHC had wreaked havoc on my already compromised digestive and immune systems. I had lost 30lbs, was down to around 15 items of food that I could tolerate eating and in spite of being on mast cell stabilizers and spending a fortune on antihistamines, enzymes, probiotics and supplements, I'd made slow progress and could not manage without any of them. I was desperate; so after reviewing John's recommendations, I took a leap into the unknown.In the initial free interview John spent quite a bit of time figuring out what it was like to be me (both emotionally and physically) to make sure of the best plan of action. John was honest and said he couldn't do miracles but after listening and assessing, he was confident he could help me in my situation.He was able to gently take me back to key childhood traumas, events in my life which had continuously (consciously or unconsciously) triggered anxiety and were most likely a big part of the cause of my hypersensitive digestive and immune systems.Going back in time helped me take back control of myself and my emotional well-being. Feeling stronger allowed my body to relax. It has helped me replace certain social anxieties with with a new sense of a stronger, more centred me.I now experience life from my own perspective and don't spend energy worrying about how I may appear to others. I thought I wasn't overly concerned before, but I now know the difference. I choose on my own terms what I fix about myself, and don't allow the real or imagined whims of others dictate how I feel about me.I'd explored other forms of self help in the past, but only seemed to grasp in theory what I now understand about myself.After just one session, in less than a week, my immune system has calmed down, my digestive system is starting to tolerate more food without the support of enzymes and for the first time in two years I am exuberantly hopeful for further improvements.During hypnosis I was relaxed, in full control and felt completely at home. I highly recommend John. He is emotionally invested in healing processes from a wholistic perspective. He is approachable, friendly, empathetic and respectful.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to induce a relaxed and focused state for the client. In this state, it's possible for the hypnotherapist to help the client discover and resolve the root cause for a variety of issues.

For example, hypnotherapy can be effective for dealing with anxiety, pain, tinnitus, IBS, phobias, stress, migraines, and many other physical and psychological conditions. It can also be effective for weight loss and quitting bad habits like smoking or drinking.

If you're struggling with any of the above you may be an ideal candidate for hypnosis here in Bellingham, WA or as a virtual hypnosis client from anywhere in the world.

Hypnosis Misconceptions

Many people think of being hypnotized as some kind of stage trick or performance. Hypnotherapy bears no resemblance to stage hypnosis or to Hollywood movies that make hypnosis look like mind control.

In fact, hypnotherapy is a collaborative process where the client is in control throughout the entire session. Modern hypnotherapy is widely regarded as a powerful therapeutic tool for many psychological and physical ailments.

Hypnotherapy is a scientifically valid approach and has been shown to be extremely effective in studies published by PubMed and other major science and medical publications.

What Can Hypnosis Do For You?

Hypnotherapy can provide relief from stress, pain, unwanted habits, thoughts and fears, depression, negative feelings, and much more. In our consulting session, we'll discuss how hypnosis works with the brain and nervous system and find out if hypnosis is right for you. If you're seeking relief that you just can't find anywhere else, get in touch with me today to see if hypnosis is right for you.

Is Hypnosis Right For You?

Not everyone is an ideal candidate for hypnosis. If you're interested in learning more, we offer a free consult to find out if you're a good match. Click the button below today to book your free consulting session with the hypnotherapist Bellingham, WA residents trust!

Satisfied Customers. Consistent Results. Available Online.

"I could tell tangible results from the first session. My craving for sugar just dropped away. It’s been a few months since then and the craving is still gone. It’s so freeing, and kind of a miracle because nothing has ever worked before." *

"After just one session, in less than a week, my immune system has calmed down, my digestive system is starting to tolerate more food without the support of enzymes and for the first time in two years I am exuberantly hopeful for further improvements." *

"John is really quick and gentle. I never feel pressured. He holds a great space for personal growth and healing." *

“I can’t even recognize myself from four weeks ago. I am so much lighter. The resentments and fears that have been holding me back have simply vanished.” *

"John has given me strengths I didn't know I had." *

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It's an opportunity to learn about hypnosis and how it can help you.

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