Stop Smoking Permanently with Hypnosis

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A very good friend of mine died much earlier than he should have from lung cancer. I'd like to save everyone I can from the pain that he and the people who loved him suffered.

  • I help people stop smoking for good with hypnosis in as little as 2 sessions without gaining weight.
  • I use a holistic process that frees you from the cravings. It works on the reason you started smoking in the first place.
  • Experience the freedom, peace of mind, and improved health that comes with being a non-smoker.
  • The same process works with patches, chew, pouches, cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, e-cigs, and even marijuana.

Hypnosis Works, Even When Everything Else Has Failed.

If you've tried stopping in the past without success, hypnosis may be exactly what you need to stop for good.

Hypnosis has helped millions stop smoking. Get the results you want now by signing up for a free consultation to get started. Consultations are absolutely no-pressure and no-obligation. Instead, they are educational and inspiring. My main concern is to help you. That's all.

Imagine not smoking for a moment:

  • You're in control again – you're free from that constant urge to smoke.
  • You're saving money - or spending it on other things that improve the quality of your life rather than detract from it.
  • You feel better - breathing easier, more stamina, less worry, more peace, a healthier heart rate, and you smell fresh and clean.
  • You're looking forward to a healthier future. You've reduced your risk of heart disease by 50% in the first year of being smoke-free and it only gets better from there. You've successfully lowered your risk of many different cancers (throat, tongue, lung, bladder, esophagus, to name a few), and added years to your life expectancy.
  • You're spend more quality time with the people you love. You don't have to worry about your smell, your smoke, your mess, or other peoples' opinions about your smoking. You're free of all that.
  • Finally, everyone is off your back! In fact, they're happy for you. Your doctor congratulates you.
  • You look better. Your skin is now receiving more blood supply and nutrients. The yellow stains on your hands have faded away.
  • You did something important for you. You quit smoking. You really did it.

I use a holistic hypnosis process that helps you replace smoking with healthy behaviors and habits.

Your Program is Designed Specifically for You

The reasons you started smoking are unique to you, and your life circumstances are also unique. When we work together, we'll take a look at your whole life and devise a support strategy that works specifically for you. I'll take in considerations such as:

  • Your emotional and social wellbeing
  • Your environment
  • Your routine
  • Your physical health and abilities
  • Your typical distracting behaviors
  • Your strengths
  • Any special stressors that might affect our work

I understand that the decision to quit smoking is not an easy one and that you've probably tried other methods to quit. My particular method of hypnosis can make the process of quitting remarkably easy because it goes after the reason you started in the first place, resolves that reason, and then helps you create a better reason for stopping.

If you'd rather use the phone, please call 360-299-5646.