Weight Loss Hypnosis. Freedom from Cravings

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Hypnosis for weight loss is an inside-out approach. It's very simple.

  • I use a holistic process that frees you from food cravings.
  • Your emotional need to eat is severely reduced, and many times is eliminated.
  • Without the cravings, you genuinely feel like eating the food that nourishes your body.
  • First you experience the emotional freedom, improved self-esteem, and peace of mind that comes from being free of food cravings.
  • Then you experience the health benefits, and greater physical freedom that comes from losing weight.

"I could tell tangible results from the first session...my sugar cravings were gone...It's kind of a miracle because nothing has ever worked before." - Shawndra Michell*

Pressure tactics make me cringe. No-cost consultations are about your empowerment and clarity. They're always positive. There's never any pressure to be my client. I'm always happy to refer to different resources as needed. If you'd rather call me, my number is 360-299-5646.

You might be a dieting expert at this point because you've tried so many approaches. This makes it all the more tempting to blame yourself when the weight comes back. The hypnosis techniques I use eliminate food cravings at the root. The reason for those cravings to be there is gone. They don't come back.

Below in the video, Shawndra explains how hypnosis worked for her: